Vanessa Somalvico

COTB 2023

Lucia Borgonzoni on how Italian animation is in profound evolution and the central role of Rai

In Pescara to attend “Cartoons On The Bay », the undersecretary for Culture Lucia Borgonzoni stressed the...

2 June 2023

COTB 2023

Ari Folman to inaugurate the 27th edition of the Festival

Twenty-seven years of animation, creativity, technological innovation, always looking at the future. The 2023 edition...

1 June 2023

COTB 2023

In Pescara to focus on transmedia storytelling and metaverses

For its 27th edition, COTB presents more than 300 works in competition selected in over 50 countries, Germany as the...

29 May 2023

Where is Anne Frank

Where is Anne Frank begins with a miracle: Kitty, Anne Frank’s imaginary friend to whom she addressed her famous...

25 May 2023


Set in a small town in the Middle East, “Saleem” is a powerful and uplifting story of hope, resilience, friendship,...

25 May 2023

The Movie Willbengers: Mysterious Camping

Sam experiences a difficult moment every day. The Hammingtons go camping to escape the ordinary life and enjoy freedom....

25 May 2023

Jungle Beat 2 The Past

“Jungle Beat 2 The Past” is the dino-sized sequel to “Jungle Beat: The Movie”. The stegosaurus Clarence...

25 May 2023

My big big friend

In this animated musical film, Yuri, Lili and Matt, along with their Big Big Animal friends Golias, Nessa and Bongo...

25 May 2023

The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists!

A Pirate Captain strives to find a way to defeat his opponents Black Bellamy and Cutlass Liz in the annual Pirate of...

25 May 2023

The Amazing Maurice

Stories of rats and rat pipers are known to all towns of Discworld. The streetwise cat Maurice leads a group composed...

25 May 2023