Amy Ash

Amy Ash is Head of the Character and Groom department at Axis Studios in Glasgow. With over 20 years experience in the industry and a degree in Natural History Illustration from Blackpool and the Fylde college, Amy began her career as a texture artist and illustrator at Realtime UK and Studio Liddell, before taking on senior artist roles with the likes of Nexus, Aardman and Passion Pictures. Amy joined Axis in 2018, and has since worked on high profile projects including the ‘Tales of Runeterra’ animated shorts for League of Legends, ‘The Tall Grass’ in season two of the Netflix anthology series ‘Love, Death and Robots’ and the Diablo Immortal launch trailer for Blizzard. Amy ensures that all characters in our projects are of the highest artistic calibre, mentoring artists, solving technical challenges and translating the character vision of the Art Director and Director into reality.