Cerim Manovi
Design Director Lego DreamZzz

Design director and creative lead of early front end concept play experience and product assortment development, Cerim Manovi had the pleasure of working on the Lego DreamZzz theme. It grew from a small idea to a full theme about creativity, imagination and adventure.
With a very talented team of designers developing this theme, Lego DreamZzz has come to life, involving kids in this colorful, imaginative and creative vision.

Tommy Andreasen
Sr. Manager, Entertainment Development, LEGO EPC

Joined the LEGO group in 2000 and in 2009 started to develop toys, concepts and stories as part of LEGO’s Front End Team.
Notable productions include Ninjago (2011-present), Legends of Chima (2013-2015), Nexo Knights (2015-2017), Hidden Side (2018-2019) and most currently DREAMZzz.