Vanessa Somalvico

Pitch Me!

Cartoons On The Bay, the winners of the Pitch Me! contest

A story that interweaves family and environmental protection, the world of work that transforms humans into magical and...

31 May 2024

Pulcinella Crossmedia Award

Antonella Ruggiero and Roberto Colombo have been honored with the Pulcinella Crossmedia Award

In recognition of their album Altrevie, which embodies the essence of music, experimentation, and the convergence of...

15 May 2024

Pulcinella Diversity Award

The Pulcinella Diversity Award celebrates the artistry of SIO

Cartoons on the Bay bestows the Pulcinella Diversity Award upon cartoonist and YouTuber Simone Albrigi, also known as...

14 May 2024

Transmedia Award

Cartoons On The Bay presents Lego DreamZzz with the Pulcinella Transmedia Award

On the closing day of the Cartoons On The Bay Festival, LEGO® receives the Pulcinella Transmedia Award for its...

14 May 2024

Pulcinella Special Award

Pulcinella Special Award. Cartoons honors the talent of Juanjo Guarnido

Cartoons On The Bay bestows the Pulcinella Special Award 2024 upon Juanjo Guarnido. A world-renowned cartoonist,...

14 May 2024

Pulcinella Studio of the Year Award

The SPA Studios receives the Pulcinella Studio of the Year Award

Cartoons On The Bay honors The SPA Studios with the Pulcinella Studio of the Year award. The recognition will be...

7 May 2024

Pulcinella Metaverse Award

Twilight Daycare: The Show earns the Pulcinella Metaverse Award

Twilight Daycare: The Show, the inaugural series entirely produced within Roblox, crafted by the Canadian studio Wind...

7 May 2024


Nathalie Martinez

Producer, director and founder of Wise Blue Studios, an animation studio in Valencia (Spain), she won a Goya Award in...

6 May 2024

Career Award, Juries

John Musker

John Musker is a forty-year veteran of the Walt Disney Animation Studio.  He trained at Disney under the mentorship of...

6 May 2024


Silvia Ziche

Silvia Ziche publishes her first artworks on Linus in 1987. Then she lands on the pages of Cuore, Smemoranda, Topolino,...

6 May 2024