Pulcinella Special Award. Cartoons honors the talent of Juanjo Guarnido

Cartoons On The Bay bestows the Pulcinella Special Award 2024 upon Juanjo Guarnido. A world-renowned cartoonist, Guarnido was born in Granada in 1967. Starting his career at the Walt Disney Studios at a young age, he has since achieved remarkable success. His exceptional talent shines through in works such as Blacksad: Somewhere within the Shadows (2000) and subsequent installments of the series. Guarnido will be among the special guests at the 2024 edition of Cartoons On The Bay – International Festival of Animation, Transmedia, and Meta-Arts (May 29th to June 2nd), where Spain will be the guest country, in collaboration with the Instituto Cervantes Roma. The award ceremony is scheduled for Saturday, June 1st, at 6:00 PM at Aurum in Pescara, the festival venue.