Emanuele Vietina

Expert in cultural marketing and transmedial storytelling, Emanuele Vietina, Deputy Director of Lucca Comics & Games since 2007, is now at the head of the Festival and General Manager of Lucca Crea, the company of the City of Lucca that organizes and manages the most important crossmedia event in Europe: Lucca Comics & Games. He has been in charge of the Games section (board games and videogames) for 15 years, and in the meantime he has developed and started some new areas of the festival: one dedicated to the Fantasy world (on the artistic and narrative level), and one dedicated to Cinema, TV Series and Home Entertainment.

Manager and author of many successful projects related to edutainment and gamification such as “Dark Ride, The Webgame” (INDIRE 2007), “Terre di Optimalia” (awarded as the Best Italian Educational Program in 2008) and Scarty (2015/2106) where he planned and led the innovative organized gaming program dedicated to recycling and waste management. In Italy he was one of the first managers and curators of exhibitions on fantasy art and concept art, mainly dedicated to cinema and video games. To name a few: Alan Lee and John Howe (Lord of the Rings), Iain McCaig (Star Wars), Brian Froud (Labyrinth and Dark Crystal), Behind the Brotherhood (Assassin’s Creed), Naughty Dogs XXX Anniversary.