Twilight Daycare: The Show

Revolutionary ideas often stem from the ability to be playful and imaginative beyond the limits defined by the reality that surrounds us. We believe this is at the heart of ‘Twilight Daycare: The Show,’ the first animated series produced entirely on Roblox. The innovative Canadian animation studios Wind Sun Sky Entertainment teamed up with American developer Gamefam to produce a scripted comedy series based on the popular Roblox experience Twilight Daycare, which boasts over 2  billion lifetime visits. However, this is not just another animated series, it represents a significant disruption in the industry that has the potential to create a whole new genre of content and redefine traditional production processes and pipelines. As the industry is desperately seeking strategies to engage young audiences with their brands via the metaverse, Wind Sun Sky Entertainment and Gamefam seamlessly created something that was born from within the metaverse and the online community’s demands and desires. The metaverse is not just a space where animation found one of its best applications ever allowing a fully imaginative immersivity, but it is also a dynamic platform that generates a renewed form of animated storytelling characterized by expansive imagination. I would like to think that we can use the term “metaverse-generated animation” to describe this innovative project which embodies a new genre. Cartoons on the Bay is proud to be the first event assigning Twilight Daycare: The Show an award, recognizing Wind Sun Sky Entertainment and Gamefam for not only adapting to a new digital frontier but also pioneering it.

Motivation: To Wind Sun Sky Entertainment and Gamefam for creating “Twilight Daycare:The Show”, a true industry disruption and the beginning of a new production process that we could call “metaverse-generated animation”. This award celebrates their innovative spirit and significant contribution to the evolution of animated storytelling.