Michele Masiero

Editorial Director, Sergio Bonelli Editore

In eighty years of the Bonelli publishing house, Michele Masiero has spent thirty years working in it. In 1991 Michele had the chance to fulfil a dream: turning his passion into his job. His long-life passion for comics offered not only him but every one of us the possibility to escape the ordinary and discover the world of the endless adventure.

He went from being a simple reader who used to greedily readevery story that dealt with talking clouds, to becoming a criticand essayist in 1985, writing for the fanzine Fumo di China and attending to the publications of Alessandro Pastore. He wrote Raccontare Dylan Dog, Lugano in giallo and took part to the writing of Raccontare Martin Mystère. As a screenwriterhe worked for the two magazines Cyborg and Glamour Magazine. In doing so he was able to get to know various operators in the sector, including Sergio Bonelli, who realised a great expansion project for his publishing house by the end of the eighties. He started back in 1991 his career in Bonelli as a simple editor, then he attended to care of the Mister No character. He also wrote the miniseries Mister No Revolution, together with several comic booksfor the ordinary book series about the light-heartedpilot. Furthermore, he is a contributor to the major memorable newspapers such as Dylan Dog, Dampyr, Il Comandante Mark (whose last comic bookwas signed by him) and scripted Deadwook Dick, Darwin and the graphic novels Cheyenne and Hollywoodland. After being Editor-in-Chief since 2015 he has become the Editorial Director of the publishing house.