“Cartoons On The Bay”: “Pelikan Blue” Wins the Pulcinella Award for Best Film. Four feature films receive special mentions

The Hungarian film “Pelikan Blue,” directed by László Csáki, won the Pulcinella Award for Best Animated Feature at the 28th edition of “Cartoons On The Bay,” the animation festival sponsored by Rai and organized by Rai Com, in collaboration with the Abruzzo Region and the Municipality of Pescara. The film’s narrative, which combines adventure and experimentation, captivated the judges.

Set in 1990s Hungary, “Pelikan Blue” depicts a country where travel is finally possible but remains unaffordable. Through forged international train tickets, three young men provide an entire generation with the chance to explore the world. The jury, consisting of director and documentary filmmaker Leslie Iwerks, Marco Pellitteri, professor of Media and Communication at Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University, and journalist and film critic Alessandra De Luca, praised the film for its “deft and innovative combination of animation, live-action inserts, and historical accounts, blending documentary and mockumentary.” They described it as “an eclectic simulation of cinéma vérité that celebrates freedom with a unique and innovative style.”

Four special mentions awarded:

Best Screenplay to Sultana’s Dream directed by Isabel Herguera, for “A defining story that portrays the vital role of women through an array of deep nuances. A film on a topical theme that understands the different roles of women across various cultures, leaving a long-lasting impact on its audience.  “

Il lungometraggio riceve ancheil Premio Speciale Renato Pallavicini: “A film with an important message to deliver, where we spot hints at Fellini’s cinematic style. It bridges us to a variety of cultural contexts with soft-handed political criticism, with the aim to stimulate reflection and a deeper understanding of the complex roles and positions of women across cultures.”

Menzione Best Director per il brasiliano Clarice’s Dream di Fernando Gutiérrez & Guto Bicalho, “A trip into fantasy that engages viewers in an emotional journey through a solid and well-structured artistic direction. A beautiful, creative, and imaginative way of directing for animation.”

Best Animation to Slide directed by Bill Plymptonfor“For its crazy, graphic, and dynamic style. The film is a continuously surprising trip into the unique visions of its eclectic author, and enriched with unexpected perspectives on dream and reality.”

Best Soundtrack to Florentine Night directed by Sotir Gelev: “The score accompanies the film’s vivid scenes with classical elegance. It aims, and succeeds, at transporting us into the heart of the story, stirring emotions at every note.”