Davide Bonelli

General Manager Sergio Bonelli Editore

He is the third generation Bonelli, who in the late nineties joined the Sergio Bonelli Editore publishing house. He oversaw the administrative side and created the official website and e-commerce, before taking the role of Marketing Director in 2010. After the death of his father Sergio in September 2011, Davide becomes General Manager and takes the helm of the family business, committing himself to perpetuate the principles that have always distinguished it: respect for the reader, content and packaging quality, clarity in communication, and punctuality in newsstand issues.

It took him just three years to start a deep and courageous productive diversification in the multimedia area as well. He brought all licensing contracts back in-house and consequently gave birth to a Sergio Bonelli Editore-branded book series. Furthermore, in 2014 he produced the TV series Orfani, made with the motion comics technique, which aired on Rai 4 and was developed at the same time of the comic book series of the same name. The following year, the co-production with Rai for the Dragonero animated series was announced and scheduled for 2022. In 2017 Monolith, a film produced with Sky Cinema, was released in theatres. In 2019 he created the Bonelli Entertainment, which is dedicated to the development of film and television productions and whose core is the Bonelli Cinematic Universe. Its activities are directed by Bonelli himself together with the General Manager Simone Airoldi, the Editorial Director Michele Masiero, and the Head of Marketing and Multimedia Vincenzo Sarno. Among the soon-to-be-released first projects there is Dampyr, a film with Eagle Pictures, and the TV adaptation of Dylan Dog in collaboration with James Wan and his production company Atomic Monster.