Puffin Rock and the new friends

Film in competition:

4:00 pm – Room 4

Directed by:

Jeremy Purcell


Film for childrens – Dur. 79’





The adventure is set on Puffin Rock Island, where puffins Oona, Baba, Vera and Rudi live, when new inhabitants Isabelle, Phoenix and Marvin arrive. Together they will have to recover the last Puffin, who disappeared under mysterious circumstances.

L’avventura è ambientata sull’isola Puffin Rock, dove vivono le pulcinelle di mare Oona, Baba, Vera e Rudi, quando arrivano i nuovi abitanti: Isabelle, Phoenix e Marvin. Insieme dovranno recuperare l’ultimo ovetto di Puffin, scomparso in circostanze misteriose.